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Pastor Willard & Peace Katumbu are the founders of Christ For Salvation Ministries International New Zealand. They are originally from Harare Zimbabwe and moved to New Zealand in 2003. Pastors W. and P. Katumbu are strong leaders, mentors, visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Our Pastors are well known for their strong emphasis on Prayer, Music, The Word of God & love for God’s people.

"We will reflect heaven by being a Multicultural Church with Intercultural Ministry."

“We Believe In one God, revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

We Believe that justification is by grace through faith in our Lord’s sacrifice on Calvary.

Our Ministries

We are committed to being empowered by prayer in the conception, planning and out-working of the ministries of...

We are committed to acknowledging and rejoicing in God’s supreme value and worth in our personal lives...

We are committed to the fact that health brings growth and that we serve God in ways that are creative and culturally...

We are committed to providing a ministry setting that strengthens families. This calls for strong Youth...

A fully functioning ministry set up to serve our children in the ways of the Lord as the Word of God instructs...

Youth Alive is a unique ministry for teenagers within and beyond our ministry. We believe their lives...

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Bringing Kingdom Change Into People’s Lives By Preaching & Teaching The Uncompromised Word of God [John 8:32].
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